Winter Photos: What to Wear

Photographer in Wilmington NC

Sweater weather is here! And as I happily brought out my winter clothes this morning, I began thinking about my families with winter photos coming up.  My Welcome Packet has lots of information but I realized I didn’t have a ton of detailed information on weather and temps.  So I made a list and thought I would share with you. Cold families can be cranky families so lets keep you warm and cozy. 🙂

Maternity photo at the beach of mom holding her baby belly and looking down while the wind blows her hair gently. Mom is wearing a long, cozy white sweater over a shear, pink maxi dress.


They don’t call it sweater weather for nothing.⁠ It was very cold on the beach for these two expecting parents.  Mom knew she wanted to wear this dress, and yes! I was here for that choice.  I also knew she would be freezing the entire time so I suggested she throw on a big, cozy sweater for some.  It totally elevated their portraits, providing the slightest bit of sexy as she let it hang off her shoulders.

Hello. Mama! Winter photos can be HOT!

Maternity photos at the beach. Expecting parents are holding hands in the sand and kissing. Mom is wearing a long, cozy white sweater over a shear pink maxi dress. Dad is wearing green dress pants with a button-up white collared shirt.


Whether on your front porch, back yard, or on the beach, bring a big, fun blanket.  It’s going to be photographed so make sure you love it.⁠  We will get your entire family wrapped up, snuggled up, and cozy-warm for some photos with everyone.  And most kids love a good blanket.  There are so many games you can play to get those candid, smiley photos of your littles having a good ole time.

Family photo with pug.

Family photo with winter blanket.

You can even sit on a blanket to keep sand, dirt, leaves, basically nature, off your tuchus.  Again, just because you’re sitting on it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the photos.  So bring one you love! Sunday Citizen has the coziest throws. For fun and funky blankets, check out Jungalow and Olivia Wendel.

Family photo in the back yard with pug and champagne.

Also, who says you can’t include bubbles and your furry children in your sessions?  Not me!

Family photo with pug and champagne.

Hats, Scarves, and Shawls (Oh my!)

The saying that we lose 40-45% of our body heat from the top of our heads is actually a myth. WHAT?! No need to throw out those hats though because they will still keep you warm, but also they’re just super cute in photos.  It’s as close to a prop as you’re going to get with me.

Check out Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom for a chic, classic look.

Maternity photo with floppy hat in a field of tall grass.

Bring a big scarf or shawl to add another layer of warmth and a layer of personal style to your photos.  I suggest that if your outfit is mostly neutral then bring a fun print or bright color for a little pop.⁠
Maternity photo at the beach with long sleeved maxi dress and shawl.

Maternity photo at the beach with long sleeved maxi dress and shawl.

Family photos at the beach with older children. Mom is wearing a silk scarf and cashmere shawl.

Give me all the scarves and shawls for winter photos!

Family photos at the beach with grandmother. Grandma is wearing a wool shawl.

Maternity photo in an open field. Mom is wearing a navy maxi dress with a floral shawl.

Bright tights (in the city!)

Whether on you or your little colorful or patterned tights bring a lot of fun to your images. They also provide a lot of warmth when you only want to wear a dress in your photos.⁠

Family photos in an open field with little girl. The daughter is wearing pink tights and a pink, winter dress.


I make people snuggle when it’s 98 degrees and 100% humidity so you know I’m going to make you do it now. It will just be a more pleasant experience as you cling to your tribe for warmth.⁠

Family photos with toddler. The entire family is wearing Gucci.

⁠There is no right or wrong here.  What people choose to wear says a lot about their personality and when you look good, you feel good.  And I want everyone in your family to feel good.  So be bold with your cold weather choices.  You’re not boring so why should you choose boring clothes?  Throw on a bright coat or wrap yourself in a fun patterned scarf.   Let the kids where their boots that look like dinosaurs because why not?  They are so proud of those boots and they will love showing them off to me.  My only rule is that YOU, yes you, Mama, get to choose your outfit first.  Need help?  Send me some photos!  I absolutely love this part!

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