Why Newborn Photos are so Important

The first year of your child’s life feels more like a hazy memory for sleep deprived parents. You come home from the hospital, blink, and suddenly they are waddling across the living room. Newborn photos act as a timeless reminder of that fleeting chapter in your family’s story.

But newborn photos are also so much more.

Sleeping newborn baby boy swaddled in a grey blanket laying on a rug with clouds on it.

Every family has a different journey growing their family. Not all paths are easy. And some paths take years. For my families that struggled, perhaps still struggle, with infertility, each milestone holds great weight.

With the possibility of this baby being the only baby, all of the photos matter. The journey, the struggle to conceiving is celebrated through maternity photos. The miracle that is new life is celebrated through newborn photos. All acting as a reminder of how much that precious journey is.

A new mom and dad sit on the floor of the nursery holding their newborn son and surrounding by their dog and cat.

Sleeping newborn baby boy swaddled in a grey blanket laying on the cloud printed rug in the nursery.

I’ll be the first to tell you that there is never going to be a bad time to photograph your child. From the moment they are born they are growing and changing. But photos of them only days or weeks old capture them at their teensy-tiniest. Fresh with itty-bitty baby rolls and those long, skinny fingers and toes.

And for those born with hair, that newborn hair line is so sweet.

You will be so surprised at how much your little one changed in the short time between your photo session and when you receive your photos. And that moment is only one of many that you will be so grateful you hired a professional photographer for these precious memories.

Newborn photos. Mom sits on the floor of the. nursery feeding her newborn son with a bottle as the pet cat watches.

Lifestyle newborn sessions aren’t just about the baby. Of course a lot of emphasis is put on Baby but they tell much more of a story.

The kitty in these photos did not want to leave this Baby’s side. He made his way into so many photos. And it’s a cat, so you know I wasn’t making him do any of this, LOL. But this furry fella is an important member of their family so being able to capture him in these images is priceless. 

Mom holds baby boy in her lap while petting their pet cat who is smelling baby's head.Mom holds newborn son while sitting on the nursery floor against the white crib. She looks. straight at the camera while Dad rests his head against hers, looking down at the baby.

Newborn photography is also about YOU. It’s about the parents and the love between those two people that brought you to this point. From the moment you meet your baby you are a new person. Filled with a love you never knew you could have.

Parents grow and change during that first year.

Both individually and together. By the time your child is in high school you will look back at those photos and think not only about how small your child once was but how perfectly imperfect that time was. How brief it lasted and how thankful you are to have the images to look back on.

Mom holds baby boy in the rocking chair in the nursery while looking down at him, smiling.

newborn photos. This image was taken through mirror of the mom and dad holding their baby boy, smiling and looking down at him.

Newborn Photos. This photo was taken over mom and dad's shoulders of the baby sleeping in mom's lap.

Dad holds sleeping son against his chest while the pet dog sits behind him looking over his shoulder at the baby.


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