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Newborn Photos: Including Siblings

Family photo with newborn and older son. The family is playing on the bed.

Including older children in your newborn photos is a. must. Depending on your child’s age, when you bring your newborn home, there’s either a feeling of excitement or apathy. The newness outshines the fact that they now share a spotlight with this new person.

Family photo with newborn and older sister. Mom is holding both girls in her arms.

Family photo with newborn baby girl and older sister. Big sister is reading a book while Mom is breastfeeding the baby.

As soon as I walk in the door I give all my attention to your first born, getting on their level and letting them know how much fun we are going to have that day. I ask if they can show me their new little brother or sister which stirs up excitement about the baby and thus, the party begins! Again, including older children in your lifestyle newborn photos doesn’t have to be hard!

Older sister is reaching through the crib rails to touch her newborn sister's nose.

Once they’ve given me a proper tour of their home, including their own room and all of their favorite toys, I let them know we are going to take pictures of their baby. Often times they will sit and watch for a short time and then off to the toy bin they go. They come and go as they please unless there’s a tantrum and easy peasy, I just ask one parent to take them to another room, giving them a break from all things photos and little snack.  Nothing cures the grumps like a handful of Goldfish. They return later, if they want, with a full belly and fresh excitement.

Older sister is bouncing on her bed with a stuffed animal.

When I’m photographing the baby on their own, I gladly allow older children to play in the room with us. As they entertain themselves they are also very aware of what is happening. They watch as mommy holds the baby in the rocking chair and will often mimic these actions when they are ready to hold the baby.


Big sister is playing in her newborn baby sister's crib.

Children Holding Babies

I never force children to hold their baby sister or brother for a photo. Have you seen a toddler push a baby off their lap? It’s terrifying. When they’re done, they. Are. Done. And that’s okay. I listen to what the child is saying and observe their body language. And I let them know it’s okay if they don’t want to do something. There are other ways of getting beautiful photos of your children together.

Older sister is holding her newborn sister in her lap.

Playing Games

I will often lay a newborn on a bed, swaddled-up nice and cozy, and ask the older child to show me where Baby’s nose is or if they can touch their nose to the baby’s nose. I make it a game. I make it about them. And they love it!

Older sister is reaching through the crib rails to toucher her baby brother's nose.

Big sister is kissing her baby brother's cheek as he sleeps on the bed.

Photographing the entire family is probably one of the most fun parts of these sessions with older siblings. I’ve got all kinds of games and tricks up my sleeve that tend to go over really well, especially when one parent takes on the role of playmate. Attention, attention, attention! They are having the most fun without being forced to take a picture, which creates the best, most authentic family photos.

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Family photo with big brother and baby brother. Mom is tickling the older brother while Dad is holding their newborn son.

Family photo with older sister and newborn baby girl. Mom and Dad are sitting on the bed while older sister hugs their necks. Dad is holding the newborn in his arms.

And when the only thing your child wants to do is roll around on the floor, we get down there and roll around with them. Again, we get on their level. And these photos are so much fun and so out of the box. They are some of my favorites to take!

Mom and big sister are laying on the ground with their faces toward the sun and eyes closed. Mom is holding baby sister on her chest.

Family photo with big sister and baby sister. Mom is laying on the floor with her face toward the sun holding baby girl next to her cheek. Older sister is laying on top of Mom sticking her tongue out.

There is no reason to worry about your child not cooperating during your session. Why? Because you don’t have to manage your children at all. That’s my job! Kids don’t respond well to mom and dad forcing them to do everything I ask anyway. So the pressure’s off!  I just want you to love on your littles when they put their natural selves in front of my camera.

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