Newborn Photography at Home

How to Prepare

Preparing for any photo shoot can be stressful. Bringing your baby home from the hospital is stressful. But newborn photography at home shouldn’t be.

If you read my post Newborn Photography: Don’t Make it Complicated then you already know a few of my tips and tricks. Such as listening to your body (I’m talking to you Mom!) and thinking along the lines of less is more. Newborn photography is about your baby and the new relationships formed within your family. So let’s focus more on loving this new little person.

Newborn photography at home. Newborn baby girl is sleeping with one hand on her chin and the other at her ear. Wrapped in green swaddle with green headband and bow on her head.

Newborn photography at home. New mom and dad sit on the floor of the nursery against white crib and look down at the newborn girl sleeping.

“I’m sorry the house is such a mess.” This is the first thing, or some variation, that every new parent says when I walk in their home. Okay, Mama, you just had a baby. Also, you haven’t slept in days. I do not expect your home to be remotely clean.

No deep cleans needed!

Unless I know there’s a nursery set up, I don’t typically know exactly where we will be shooting until I take a tour of the home. For this reason, I often move things around and will lightly tidy as I go. An entire room doesn’t have to be clean to photograph in it.

However, if you are looking for a little help, because who isn’t? I highly recommend Metro’s Other Woman. MOW is a professional personal assistant service offering everything from laundry service, grocery shopping, and light cleaning. You can hire them for a one time ‘Fluff and Go Service‘ where they come in the day before or morning of your session to tidy up the areas of your home we may photograph in. I.E. nursery, main bedroom, living room.

Boom! Your home is tidy and photo ready. And all without having to take your eyes off that sweet baby of yours.


Newborn photography at home. Newborn baby girl swaddled in green blanket with green bow, sleeps on her back in white crib. Sheets have small farm animals printed on them.

If there is a nursery set up, I will 100% be shooting there. So when you’re setting up the room prior to baby’s arrival, be sure to add a little something on the crib wall. This adds a bit of interest to the photos taken here.

The nursery is the perfect place to showcase your style.

If you’re looking for a mobile that does not attach to the crib, Etsy has some really great finds. And don’t be afraid of color! Even in a neutral room, a pop of color adds so much interest and isn’t overwhelming.


Mom holds sleeping baby girl to her chest in the nursery with rainbow art hanging on the wall.



Mother holding newborn baby next a crib

What to wear?! This is the burning question for any photo session. However, with newborn sessions, this can be more difficult for new moms. Your maternity clothes. Your pre-maternity clothes. Nothing fits the way you want it. But Mama, let me tell you something important. 

Comfort is key!

Whether you had a natural or cesarean birth, you want to be comfortable. My go-to is always a dress or a flowy shirt with leggings. And there is absolutely NO SHAME in wearing maternity clothing once baby arrives. In fact, I know moms that wear maternity jeans well into Baby’s first year. #youdoyou If you’d like some inspiration take a look at my Pinterest boards!

Newborn Photography at home. Mom in a white sweater holds her newborn baby girl while sitting in the sunlight in the nursery rocking chair.


Newborn sessions typically last around two hours. That sounds like a long time but it flies by. Those two hours give plenty of time for diaper changes and feedings for baby. But it also always plenty of time for parents to take breaks. Which I highly recommend.

If you can, prepare a snack before hand. That way it’s ready to go when the hunger pangs begin. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The hospital didn’t send you home with that HUGE water bottle for nothing.


New dad holds his baby girl against his chest kissing her head.

Have an extra pair of hands available. Having one of Baby’s grandparents or aunt or uncle there to lend a helping hand can make things a lot easier on both parents. Grandma can prepare a snack, lunch, or coffee while we photograph the entire family. Uncle Adam can take the dogs on a walk if they are getting too antsy being inside.

I realize that not everyone has family in town. A close friend will be of great help as well. Or even a local doula. A postpartum doula can help with anything from meal prep to laundry while you and your partner enjoy your time in front of the camera with your sweet new baby.


Mom hugs dad from behind as he looks down at their baby girl sleeping.




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Such beautiful photos and light! I just love in-home newborn sessions.