NC Photographer: My Story

As a NC photographer, I began my career photographing weddings. I was the lead photographer for an associate company in Wilmington, capturing 30+ special days for happy brides and grooms for three years.  My experience in photographing brides has inspires my approach to photographing new and expecting mothers, with a more editorial approach.

A bride holds her dress in the sun as she dances on the beach.

Wedding days are a beautiful roller coaster of emotions that drops you off at a kick ass party with your closest people. There’s tears, there’s laughter, there’s excitement. Most importantly, there’s a whole lot of love.  After three years of “I do’s” and sparkler exists, I was beginning to feel burnt out.  I was missing what felt like all of my Saturdays which seems to be when everyone lives life. Birthday parties, long days at the beach, mountain vacations in the fall.  I wanted to be a part of those days with my closest people.

Around that same time my sister was expecting her first child.  Isn’t she GORGEOUS in that red dress?!  I watched as her body changed, growing that sweet boy in her belly.  Like all expecting parents, she and her husband anticipated the arrival of their son with both excitement and fear knowing their lives would never be the same.

Because that’s what a new life does.  It turns your life upside down in the sweetest, and at times, most frustrating ways.

An expecting mother in a red, sweater dress and wide. brimmed brown hat holds her belly in a golden field.

As I began photographing growing families, I realized that all of the same emotions you feel on a wedding day are felt when a child is born, only intensified.  The intensity rushes over you like a tidal wave and you’re instantly flooded with a love that you were unaware you could feel.

I noticed how a new mother will gaze at her baby, scanning every detail from the faint hairline that looks like grandpa’s to that delicious button nose.  Dad, with the same awe struck eyes, watching his wife from across the nursery, holding their child.  These emotions fill up the room.

A new mother holds her newborn baby girl at the window as she and her husband look into each others eyes.

I want to be a part of this.  I want to document this.  The beginning of a legacy.  Of a new chapter in the greater story of this family. Life is lived in the day-to-day. In the silent, seemingly mundane tasks.

Life is in the details.

Holding your baby for hours, watching him or her sleep, noticing the small changes each day. A mother remembers these days, these small moments.  And I want her to have these timeless moments captured to relive in the years to come as here children find their independence, see the world, and begin their own families.

Expecting mother in a pink dress sitting in the sand dunes surrounded by tall green grasses.

And so I decided to start a business.  My own business.  Moreover, one that focused on the intimate moments between new parents and their precious newborns.  And consequently, this is when I met Lindsey and Chris.  They were expecting their first child.  A girl.  And they were already over the moon for her.  

Lindsey and Chris were kind enough to allow Blueberry Commercial to film their maternity and newborn sessions for my brand video.  Lindsey is 37 weeks in her photos. Her excitement is tangible as she anticipates her daughter’s arrival within the next few weeks.

NC Photographer. Expecting mother standing on the beach in a pink dress looking out at the ocean.

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