Maternity at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC

I find the planning process of photo shoots to be so much fun. Allanah was expecting her second child and knew that she wanted maternity at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC.  In the questionnaire I sent her prior to the session, she described her desired as ‘ethereal’. And as you look through the photos, you will agree that she was heavenly. I would even say a goddess.

Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC. Expecting parents walk along a lake under large oak trees.

Not only is Airlie Gardens gorgeous but it’s vast, spanning over 60 acres of oak covered, waterfront property. You can learn more about the gardens and some of my favorite places to shoot here in my previous post.

Airlie Gardens Wilmington NC: A Secret Garden

Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC. Expecting mother wearing a pink lace maxi dress standing in the gardens holding her belly.

When I am planning any shoot here, I always think of Darren Star, creator of Sex and the City, describing New York is another character in the story. So I approach this location in that same way. As though Airlie Gardens is a supporting role in my families stories.

What I love about maternity sessions here, especially in the spring when the gardens really shine, is how the lush plants and vibrant new blooms both mimic and compliment the power of a woman’s body to grow and birth. She is Mother Nature after all.

Close up photo of expecting mother's belly. She is wearing a pink lace dress and hugging her baby bump.

This maternity session was planned for late summer, well past the season for azalea and tulips to bloom. However, the lush green of ancient oaks, tall pines, and ferns aplenty, meant we needed an extra pop of color. Please note never to wear green in the gardens. Wear a contrasting or complimentary color instead so you are the focus. So you stand out.

As you can see Allanah had chosen this gorgeous pink lace maxi dress from Pink Blush Maternity.  What I love about this dress is that it covers the upper arm area. Because who isn’t worried about their upper arms in photos?  And I will always recommend long dresses to my expecting moms so that swollen ankles are one less then to worry about.

Also, this shade of pink compliments any skin tone.  

I know we live at the beach. I know the beach is a gorgeous place for photos. But if you are not a beach person, then don’t get photographed there. Airlie Gardens provides an equally beautiful backdrop for your photos. Only there’s way less sand to get in all the places you don’t want sand. 🙂

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