At Home Newborn Photography

When to Schedule Your Session

You cannot schedule a newborn session until Baby arrives. There are due dates and lots of plans but Baby comes when he or she wants, plans be damned. So let’s talk about planning and scheduling your at home newborn photography so you’re fully prepared once you meet your precious babe.

Family photo of mom, dad, newborn baby boy, and two small dogs.

Okay, Baby is here! Yay!! Congratulations! But also, don’t call or email me from the hospital. Save that precious time for your close family and friends. Or even just for yourselves. 😉  Instead wait until you get home to contact me. I promise we can get your shoot on the books ASAP. 

Photo of mom sitting on a white chair in the nursery holding her newborn baby son while her small black dog stands propped up on her knee looking at baby.

Waiting to contact me when you get home is my only hard, fast rule. Because my biggest concern is that both Baby and Mom are happy and healthy. Postpartum is real. And I’ve been to newborn sessions in the past where Mom is struggling with postpartum and the entire experience just wasn’t enjoyable for her or the family. A few time they didn’t even realize that was what was wrong.

So it’s important to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings after giving birth. We are in a beautiful time where women can be more open and honest about these things, when they just feel off, which can be so helpful for the entire family.

Dad hugs mom from behind looking over her shoulder at their baby as mom holds baby. Small black dog popping up in the background.

Newborn session with baby boy. Mom touches her baby's nose with hers.

Postpartum doulas are perfect for helping new families adjust to life once Baby arrives. Not only will they take care of Baby while you shower and nap, but they can help with meal prep, a load of laundry, and mostly, just be a sounding board to the joys and struggles all new parents have.

Newborn session where mom and dad are sitting next to each other looking down at their baby boy.

There is never a bad time to photograph your baby. They are only going to continue to change and grow. So get home, get settled, and be aware of your mental and physical health. And then call me. Take care of you and your baby and let me take care of creating a beautiful, peaceful photography experience in your home. 

Newborn session where dad is holding newborn baby son against his chest.

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Newborn session with dog.

At Home Newborn Photography. Newborn session with baby boy. Mom is holding baby in her arms and looking down at him. She is wearing a white shirt with bell sleaves.

At Home Newborn Photography. Newborn session with baby boy. Dad is looking at mom while he holds the baby,

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